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  • jasonanderson
  • Another tool under my belt I've been doing some construction and electrical work on off for a few years.
  • 24 years old
  • Roseville, CA, USA
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  • missionblue
  • 60 years old
  • San Francisco, CA, USA
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  • agentgb
  • A noble trade only for the hard working
  • 33 years old
  • City of London, United Kingdom
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  • chelle72
  • 46 years old
  • Halifax, Canada
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  • domipete
  • 56 years old
  • Johannesburg, South Africa
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  • haarac
  • Plumbing... Yay?
  • I really don't know much about this one. Willing to learn though....
  • 18 years old
  • Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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