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'Plumber' Dating Sites*

Along with Plumbers Passions (the site you are on now), the sites listed below all focus on connecting singles who are focused on a career of some sort. While we looked for other dating sites with a singular focus on plumbing, electricians or contractors, it appears Plumbers Passions may be the only dating site for those groups. That being said, if you are interested in finding singles who are focused on their jobs and take pride in the work they do, then the sites below may be for you. Although the sites below are designed for different career types, the common denominator is that they are filled with singles who care about their profession. Feel free to browse the sites below to see if any are of interest. Have fun!



Find Single Doctors

Search 1000s Of Doctors Now
Since physicians have limited time, it only makes sense for them to use online dating sites to find others. The most common alternative is to date others in the hospital. If you are in the medical profession or you are interested in dating someone who is, Find Single Doctors may be the site for you.

Nurse Uniform Mate

Meet Single Nurses In your Area Today!
Are you a male or female nurse looking to date? Are you attracted to male or female nurses? In either case, 'Nurse Uniform Mate' has been designed to help connect you with other singles.

Doctor Uniform Mate

Find Single Doctors Near You to Date!
If you like the look of a physician in scrubs or in his (or her) white coat, then why not join a dating site build to connect physicians with those interested in them?

Nurse Dating

Find A Date With Nurse Dating!
Nurse Dating is designed to introduce members with nurses who are looking for love, or at least nurses who are looking to date. If you are looking for single nurses in your local area, Nurse Dating may be your site.

Single Doctors Dating

Meet Single Doctors
Single Doctors Dating is exactly what it sound like. If you are a doctor looking for a great online dating site, or you are single and interested in dating a physician, this could be the site for you.

Uniform Chat City

Connect With Singles In Uniform
If you like chatting with singles in uniform, then you have chosen the right site. The members of Uniform Chat City are nurses and doctors and the list goes on.


Single Nurses Dating

Find Local Nurses To Date
If you're a single nurse or someone who wants to date Single Nurses Dating is designed to help you connect with nurses both near and far. At Single Nurses Dating you can find either male nurses or female nurses searching for dates and more.

Doctor Dating Service

Find Romance at Doctor Dating Service
Join Doctor Dating Service and Discover Caring, Loving Single Doctors Who are Looking for Romance, Dates and Love!

Nurse Chat City

Chat With Nurses Today
Join and chat about anything and everything related to nursing, or if you would prefer, chat about everything BUT nursing. The goal is to connect members whether they are nurses or those interested in nurses.

Doctor Dating

Meet and Date Single Doctors
If you want to date a doctor, stop eating apples. Seriously though, there are a lot of dating sites for members of the medical profession and this site is aimed at connecting doctors with those interested in dating doctors. Hint, the name of the site kind of gives it away.

Dating For Nurses

Find a Date at Dating for Nurses!
If you think your job has you busy and wears you down, then you don't know what it is like for nurses. If you are a nurse, or someone who loves what nurses do for a living, then Dating For Nurses is a great way to connect.


911 Emergency Dating Professionals

Dating For Emergency Medical Professionals
If you are drawn to uniformed medical professionals, the following can be found here: Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics, Police, Paramedics, Fire crews, Surgeons, Emergency Services, Teachers, Men in Uniform, Women in Uniform, Firemen and more.

Miss Doctor
Find Female Doctors Looking To Date Now
Miss Doctor was created in 2017, in collaboration with a team of female physicians. Understanding the unique dating challenges of high-achieving women such as doctors and doctors-in-training through personal experiences and experiences of friends and loved ones.

Just Doctors Dating
Meet And Date Single Doctors
If you are looking for single doctors in your local area, then Just Doctors Dating is designed to help connect you and local, single physicians interested in dating.



Lawyer Dating Service

Connect With Single Attorneys
No Need to Break the Law in Order to Meet a Single Lawyer! Join Lawyer Dating Service and browse the many members of the legal profession who have signed up with the goal of meeting engaging, intelligent, like-minded singles for dating, romance, love and maybe more.

Millionaire Match

Find Singles In The Legal Profession
While Millionaire Match is not focused exclusively on the legal profession, it boasts over 5 million members since it was launched in 2001. Since high paying professions are likely to make up many if not most of the careers enjoyed by the members of Millionaire Match, it only makes sense that the site would be filled with lawyers and doctors and really anyone in a high paying profession. If you are interested in meeting members in the legal profession, Millionaire Match seems likely to be a good site to find them.

Law Chat City

The Chat Site Law Enthusiasts
The Law Chat City chat platform is a perfect gathering place for people who are in some way connected to the legal profession. Whether as a lawyer, a judge or as a law school student, the site is designed to help people connect and chat online. Who knows, if you join, you may just meet someone special! The first step is to join and after that it is up to you and the other members you chat with.



Love A Teacher

Find Love With Single Teachers
The life of a teacher is somewhat unique. Aside from being one of the most important jobs on the planet, it is difficult for teachers not to take work home with them. Preparing for upcoming classes. Grading work. Dealing with school related requirements. It is all very taxing, but for those called to teaching, it is all worth it. If you are a teacher or you are interested in dating a teacher, then this is a great site for you!

Teachers Dating Teachers

Find A Teacher To Date In Your Area
The educations system has changed dramatically in the last decade, from pre-school through college. The time spent by teachers has increased almost exponentially as classroom sizes have increased and curriculum requirements have changed (repeatedly). All of this weighs heavily on the ability of any teacher who happens to be single and interested in dating. Finding the time to be 'social' is difficult at best, if not impossible. Teachers Dating Teachers hopes to help make it easier for those in the education system to find others who understand and who might be looking for the same things in life.

Teachers Date

Date A Teacher Today
Dating a teacher can be hard, so if you are not prepared for the workload they shoulder, this isn't the site for you. That being said, if you are in the education business or you appreciate how important teachers are in shaping student's perceptions and in preparing them to enter society, Teachers Date could be the perfect site for you. Join today to find local teachers who are looking for dating, romance, love and maybe more.

Dating Teachers

Find Singles Teachers Ready To Date!
If you have always had a thing for teachers, then Dating Teachers is a great site where single teachers interested in dating can be found. If the idea of dating a smart, loving person who devotes their life to the education of others is what you are looking for to help fill out your life, then you are in the right place.

Dating For Teachers

Find Single Teachers in Your City
Teachers might not have a lot of time on their hands, but there are many looking to date who cannot find a simple and easy way to begin. Dating For Teachers makes it easy for teachers to find people to date. Whether it's teachers who are interested in dating other teachers, or people who are not teachers but find educators attractive, this site has been designed specifically to help connect them.

Teacher Chat City

Chat With Fellow Teachers
Teacher Chat City is fairly unique. It is one of the few online dating chat sites focused on connecting teachers. If you are a teacher or you are interested in chatting with other teachers, then this could be a great way to meet others. With webcam chat functionality, you can even face-to-face other teachers for engaging chat. If this sounds like fun, sign up and see where it leads. Who knows, it could lead to romance or more, if that is something of interest.



Trucker Dating Connexion

Meet Trucker Singles! Sign Up and Find Love Tonight!
On the road a lot because it is your profession? Have long hours with many meals on the road and not a lot of sleep? Meet other Truckers and those interested in Truckers on Trucker Dating Connexion!

Trucker Personals

Fill Your Lonely Days & Nights on The Road With Romance!
If you want a special trucker buddy to pair up with, search no more! We've got more truckers than you can handle so come find the one who's right for you.

Trucker Chat City

The Road Always Leads to Trucker Chat City
The best and most reliable way to meet truckers online is through our dating services. Join Trucker Chat City and locate truckers for video chat.

Single Truckers

Begin Your Journey at Single Truckers
Check out our unique dating site and see how many attractive Single Truckers are looking to meet someone sexy like you. Come online and start connecting.

Date A Truck Driver

The Road to Love And Happiness is Yours at Date A Truck Driver
Our website is the best place for you if you are searching for handsome truck drivers. Sign up for our site and find a truck driver that you have always wanted.


Meet A Trucker

If you are someone who has a thing for truckers then you have come to the right online rest stop.
Have you been looking to meet a single trucker? To find love, romance and friendship with one, simply create a free profile and meet the trucker of your dreams today!

Dating For Truckers

Dating For Truckers Helps You Date on the Road
Get your motor running with our exclusive and specialist trucker dating site! Life on the road doesn't have to be so hard when there is someone waiting for you!

Trucker Matchmaker

"Sign up and instantly search through thousands of Truckers looking for someone like you."
"Dating & social networking personals site made for single truckers to meet men and women who love trucking."

Dating Truckers

Meet Real Truckers Who Are Tired Of Being Lonely
Dating truckers is not easy and if you aim to do so then you should use our dating service. Connect with lonely truckers who are looking for love and relationships!

Trucking Singles

Get Connected at Trucking Singles
Trucking Singles can help you find that special girl or guy looking for love on the road. Join now and find single truckers to date in your area!


Truckers Dating Service

Start Your Love Journey With Truckers Dating Service!
Truckers are online looking to meet someone interesting like you! Don't wait another minute, come online and find a trucker with just a few clicks!

Gay Trucker Dating

Lonely On The Road?
If you think that a gay trucker is what you need and you are willing to welcome one of these tough guys in your life, log on to Gay Trucker Dating. Find gay truck drivers trying to get a date, as well as guys who are not in the business, but enjoy the company of those who are.

Truckers Near Me

Tons Of Local Truckers are searching for singles like you!
If you are looking for other truckers to date, then Truckers Near Me is the site for you!


Meet Single Truckers Near You Today
Trucker Dating for FREE. Free to Message and Connect. Signup Now. Quick and easy to find love!

We Trucker

Roads are a Lonely Place... So Find a Romantic Partner! Become a Part of We Trucker Club!
Come to We Trucker club and find your match for the road! Say goodbye to dating problems with our dating club for truckers and their fans - have fun and enjoy!


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